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Once you visit Odara and stay with us for one night, you are sure to stay longer, revisit and recommend us to your friends and family back home making us your ideal lodge in the deep south of Sri Lanka.


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Odara Hotel & Restaurant is situated in the centre of Tissamaharama very near the Tissa Lake and the famous Stupa giving you easy access to all attractions in the area and nearby towns. This home away from home located within the main tourist lodging area called Punchi Akurugoda in Tissamaharama is the ideal place for you to spend your entire holiday and see all tourist attractions from there. Punchi Akurugoda in Tissamaharama is the tourist centre in all of Hambantota District.

The real southern hospitality, customized touring packages, traveler safety, good food prepared hygienically and all basic comforts together make Odara your best touring partner in this ancient city. A new management acquired this hotel recently to serve travelers better but it has been in business for the last 10 years serving hundreds of local and foreign guests.

At Odara, we offer you 7 rooms collectively accommodating 15 pax. Facilities include Air-conditioning, hot water, Wi-Fi, ceiling fans, CCTV camera  protection, round-the-clock security, ample parking and free meals and lodging for your driver.


About  Tissamaharama

Tissamaharama is a town in the Hambantota District in the deep south of Sri Lanka. It used to be the capital of the Kingdom of Ruhuna as early as in the 3rd century B.C. A few buildings from that era can still be seen here. The famous Tissamaharamaya stupa and the large artificial lake called Tissa Veva which is a part of a sophisticated irrigation system dating back to the same era are two of the many amazing historic sites located in this ancient city. Today, Tissamaharama town mainly serves as the starting point for visits to the famous Yala National Park and the most sacred shrine at Kataragama worshipped by people of all religions.

Kebaliththa Pilgrimage Tour


This tour is a serious pilgrimage which needs your genuine preparation of 3 months. The preparations can be made either in Sri Lanka or overseas wherever you are if you are willing to be fully committed to the cause. The 3-month sacrifice you make is supposed to provide you with the desired results and it all depends on how serious you are about all this. However, whilst assuring you of a carefully arranged pilgrimage, Odara cannot guarantee the expected outcomes desired by you as it is supposed to be truly spiritual and individualistic. The exponentially increasing popularity of this sacred destination amongst spiritually-oriented travelers suggests that the 3-month sacrifice and the serious pilgrimage you undertake should bring you desired results to varying extents.

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